How a D2C ordering system can save you time and money

BACK If you run a business operating in the hospitality sector, you might feel that you are very much in survival mode right now, and that you lack the time or energy to look into new avenues for your business, such as a direct-to-customer (D2C) solution.  But could such a stance be a false economy? […]

5 ways table ordering can help your restaurant

BACK The chances are that right now, you will be eager to achieve sustained growth for your restaurant – but also worried about whether personnel shortages and escalating costs could imperil your business’s very survival. These are very uncertain and shifting times for UK hospitality. But what if we told you there was something quick […]

5 tips to improve your SEO rankings 

BACK If you run a hospitality business such as a restaurant, bakery, or café, how much time or money do you put into SEO – if you even know what ‘SEO’ is?  If that term is already confusing you, don’t worry. The fact is, until recently, SEO wasn’t taken very seriously. Particularly in a sector […]

Google analytics for hospitality: 101

BACK We know you’re busy and have a to-do list that’s a mile long, but if you’re serious about growing your business, you need to start with the basics. Who are your customers, and where do they come from? We present to you: Google Analytics. Millions of businesses both big and small rely on this […]

Why choose a loyalty programme for your restaurant 

BACK Reading the title of this blog, you might already be thinking yep already offer loyalty. But we’re not talking about the easily lost paper versions that you hand out to each customer as they order. We’re talking about the kind of loyalty programme that actually keeps customers coming back for more… the digital kind. […]

Are QR codes still relevant post-pandemic?

BACK QR codes are not a particularly new concept, they’ve been around for a while. But there’s no doubt that the last couple of years has seen a big uptake of them. Particularly in Hospitality. At some point we just got used to seeing a square barcode on the table, ready to scan instead of […]

How to choose the best online ordering system for your restaurant 

BACK We understand that choosing the right online ordering system for your business is not only an important decision but a difficult one too! It can be hard to see through some of the sales chat and identify the really important aspects. The fact is though, if you’re not yet offering online ordering, you should […]

5 benefits of having your own food ordering app 

BACK Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on whatsapp With the unpredictability of the market over the last two years, the chances are that your eatery has already tapped into a food delivery market that was already steadily on the up each year well before the pandemic.  However, with Slerp you […]