Slerp has been working with businesses large and small to shift to direct-to-consumer and on-demand delivery service to rise to the challenges of lockdown. Read article

Financial Times.

Slerp connects restaurants to couriers…allowing restaurants to take back control and develop a direct relationship with customers. Read article

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Slerp, a direct-to-consumer online ordering solution, has announced the launch of its table ordering service across the UK – allowing on-premise customers to order direct to their table via their phone. Read article

Retail Times.

Slerp, the leading direct-to-consumer online ordering solution, has announced the launch of its table ordering service across the UK – allowing on-premise customers to order direct to their table via their phone. Read article


Restaurant delivery – the new norm. Read article

The Independent.

We want to keep the UK fed in this moment of crisis’: The start-ups fighting back against coronavirus. Read article


We talked to the co-founder of pioneering London-based, Crosstown Doughnuts and co-founder of Slerp, an e-commerce platform that is helping hospitality business pivot including our London Roastery. JP shares some insights about how they have handled the past weeks and where he sees the hospitality industry going now that ‘work from home’ is a reality. Read article


London’s Top Restaurants Now Offering Online Ordering And Home Delivery. Read article

The Telegraph.

Moreno plans to implement Slerp, a restaurant-focused software solution that plugs into a business’s existing website, and to use one of Slerp’s own delivery partners. “They take a 7.5 per cent commission on the sale but it offers us a much better customer experience to arrange click and collect or delivery options,” says Moreno founder, Beleno. Read article

As supermarkets struggle to supply customers with everything they need, all sorts of small businesses have launched their own initiatives. Read article


The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused severe disruption across the hospitality industry, with restaurants scrambling to provide takeaway services due to government mandated closure for in-person services. We’ve gathered information about four of the best-known delivery platforms. Read article


Fine kitchen dining firm Slerp sees revenue grow 600% in six months. Read article

Online food delivery platform Slerp has launched a new table ordering service, enabling customers to order direct to their table via their phone while dining at a restaurant. Read article

Coronavirus case studies: How Slerp is helping hospitality pivot to takeaway. For the close-knit world of independent hospitality, established giants such as Deliveroo are often not appealing due to the requirements they place on businesses. As a result, many of the new-to-takeaway companies are instead turning to a relative newcomer: Slerp. Read article

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Direct-to-consumer online ordering solution Slerp has launched a table ordering service, allowing on-premise customers to order direct to their table via their phone. Read article

“Slerp … gives operators control over customer data and integrates with independent couriers.” Read article

“…Crosstown still uses Deliveroo and UberEats across its 16 London sites, but now generates more revenue through orders on Slerp.” Read article

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“The technology integrates directly into a retailers existing website, enabling the business to retain complete control of their brand, their customer experience and their customer data.” Read article

“We have more than 50 brands signed up and a significant pipeline of companies coming on. We’re now looking to roll it out into the retail sector as I think it could be a real boost to retail operators that are suffering and a tangible solution to digitalise their analogue retail stores.” Read article

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“Slerp gives the power back to brands … Slerp is a new software plug-in that enables restaurants to compete on a more level playing field with technology brands such as Deliveroo, Amazon Restaurants and Uber Eats.” Read article

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“This new technology will help brands create a new revenue stream directly with their customers, whilst utilising existing physical retail store space. Delivery can be fulfilled from a store or a warehouse by Slerp’s delivery partner.” Read article


“The hope is that the campaign will encourage people to use the app by giving them the confidence that real people, with real success stories, are already on Bumble Bizz. This underlying belief in making the first move in your career starts from within the business.” Read article


“These movers and shakers will feature in a free Bumble newspaper to be handed out at 22 tube stations across London, offering career advice and real-talk and opening up about successes and failures alike.” Read article


“We’ve done tens of thousands of orders through Slerp and we’re in a great position, where we have that direct-to-consumer channel, that’s no so reliant on third-party marketplaces.” Read article

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“…we have established sizable organic traffic to our website, many of which are customers wanting to purchase directly from us. Because we believe that we are best at serving our customers and not someone else, we have developed Slerp to allow this process to happen seamlessly, at an acceptable price to us. We are just making the effort to manage an end-to-end customer relationship, which is not easy, but is essential if you want to have a long-term sustainable business.” Read article