your seamless order management solution.

SlerpComposer is a cloud-based platform that enables SlerpSpace partners to effortlessly consolidate and manage their orders in one place.

By importing all your pre-orders, and any standing orders, Composer generates production schedules, packing slips and invoices which can be filtered by date range or location. When integrating with route-planning software such as Onfleet, it can enable real-time fleet management for self-delivery.

ultimate control and transparency.

When implemented, the savings for labour/productivity and stock control are significant. On average, partners save 50+ hours a week and are able to increase production output by 100%.


operator front of mind.

Like all Slerp products, Composer was created with the operator front of mind. After seeing its success, we have made it available to all merchants for only £59 per month (unlimited use). It is an essential solution for any business with full-scale production planning ambitions.



  • Static product mix
  • Single or multiple-site models
  • Warehouses, central or dark kitchens or retail
  • Home kits or groceries bundles
  • High order volumes
  • Build offline production schedule with online orders
  • Import Slerp Pre-orders
  • Add offline purchase orders (i.e. wholesale orders)
  • Add in-premise forecasting (i.e. dine-in estimates)
  • Add ad-hoc orders (i.e. catering orders)

Auto-generated Outputs

  • Production schedules
  • Printable Packing slips
  • Invoices & editable notes
  • Logistics route planning (with integration)
  • Reporting
  • Packaging stock management
  • 360° business overview


“I didn’t even know the solutions Composer offered were even an option for my business when dealing with our online orders. With volumes increasing, Composer has been a life saver! The production schedule makes fulfilling orders effortless for my team.”

“Composer has been such a game changer since we started using the packing slips feature. It has streamlined the production process for my teams on sites.”

integrations, sorted.

We work with the world’s leading partners in payment, POS & delivery.

Courier partners

Our online ordering solution plugs into all couriers for instant flexibility depending on the delivery type and product.

Slerp Stripe Partner
Slerp Stuart Orkestro
Slerp Deliverect
Slerp Stripe Partner
Slerp Stuart Orkestro

Reservations partner

Payment partner

POS partner

Slerp is suitable for multi-location brands, as well as single-door operators.