How to deliver best in class customer service

Lucy Woodward
March 30, 2023

Aiming for exceptional customer service is an essential goal for pretty much any business. To achieve and build sales your customers have to be happy right?

And whilst it remains at the centre of industries like hospitality, it is drastically changing for many online businesses. It’s a pretty rare occurrence now to be able to pick up the phone and speak to a real person, with the majority of companies utilising automated messages and bots to diagnose the problem first. And some companies either make it impossible to contact them or very difficult.


Why is customer service vital for delivery?


In the case of Slerp, customer service is hugely important. We couldn’t call ourselves experts in delivery without it. A combination of an excellent team and sophisticated software is what enables us to manage deliveries efficiently.

We consistently and regularly liaise between our partners and their customers, as well as couriers, to ensure products are delivered efficiently without sacrificing quality. This saves our partners the headache of having to do this themselves, although we can also support those running self delivery too.

Now nobody’s perfect but for the past 4 months we have received a 98% satisfaction rate. So what is it about our service that our partners love? And how do we continue to deliver our best in class customer service?


1. The only ordering platform with live operations

Tech naturally continues to automate and make our lives easier, however there are some occasions where you cannot beat human contact.

Our ops team are based all over the world, which helps us offer our partners live support throughout their busiest periods, whether their peak is at breakfast or dinner. They successfully manage thousands of deliveries every week and when partners need support, they help resolve it quickly and efficiently with an average response time of 73 seconds, and an end to end time of 23 minutes.

With that service alongside the high quality couriers we work with, it’s no wonder we successfully deliver 99% of orders.


2. A solution built by us

Our internal system, Dispatch, has really been a game changer in managing deliveries smoothly. Cutting out the middleman and building our own software means there are no third-parties involved, couriers are assigned to orders automatically.

Every single last-mile delivery is managed on our platform from end to end, giving us and our partners more control over the delivery process.

We also manage courier invoicing to save our partners the headache, where they would otherwise have to manually process them themselves.


3. Delivery tracking

Last but not least, we track the entire delivery journey. From the courier arriving at the restaurant to the end customer’s door. We send automatic live updates to the customer so they know where their order is and when they can expect it.

The orders can also be tracked by the customer so they can see where their driver is, giving them full transparency over the process.

So in short, it’s a combination of our people and our tech that allow us to offer the level of service that our partners require. Delivery isn’t the easiest thing, but we work to make it a smooth and successful process for our partners and their customers.

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