About Slerp
Slerp has a simple but bold vision: Be a digital business partner to hospitality brands, helping them sell more and manage better.
Our journey in the hospitality industry may be brief, but our experience runs deep. We’ve used our firsthand knowledge as operators to develop a comprehensive, operator-focused solution that meets the needs of today’s consumers. Our business-to-business technology is designed with you in mind, from the ground up.
We believe that for a hospitality business to succeed today, it must operate on multiple channels. That’s why we’ve created a direct-to-consumer e-commerce solution that integrates your physical locations with online capabilities, allowing for various types of orders and settings tailored to your specific needs. Online ordering isn’t just an extra source of revenue—it’s a crucial component of your business strategy.
As brand owners, it’s important to control your customer relationships and sell directly to them, rather than relying solely on third-party marketplaces. Our checkout solution is just the beginning of our plan to help you expand your online presence on your terms.
Currently, Slerp is empowering hundreds of brands, facilitating order revenues for both large and small businesses across different sectors.
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