about us.

Slerp has a simple but bold vision: Be a digital business partner to brands, helping them sell more and manage better.

Although we have a short history, we have deep roots as brand owners ourselves. This foundation has been pivotal in enabling us to create a turn-key solution that is grounded in the practicalities of being operator, as well as being relevant to the modern-day consumer and their expectations. It is B2B technology built from the bottom up with the operators view front of mind.

We are believers that every bricks and mortar retailer, whether in food or non-food sectors, needs to be an omni-channel operation in order to thrive. That’s why we have created a direct-to-consumer e-commerce solution that brings your network of shops online and changed them into ‘hubs’ for instant delivery. Online ordering is no longer incremental revenue to your business – it is a central pillar that needs to be embraced.

As brand-owners, you should be owning the conversation with your customers and selling to them directly. The reliance should not be dependant on a third-party marketplace. Our checkout solution is the first of many steps we are making to fulfilling our vision, so that you can grow your online business on your terms, your way.

Today, Slerp is powering hundreds of premium brands, generating millions in order revenues for businesses big and small across various sectors. We are an international team headquartered in Shoreditch, London with offices also in Manila, Philippines.