Restaurant delivery order management system

Save time and reduce errors processing orders with our order management tool. Automate the creation of production schedules, packing slips and delivery exports for all of your orders.
Order prep
Time is money… save both
Partners are already saving a full week of an employee’s time by using our order management tool… yep over 40 hours per week!
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Slerp composer
Wave goodbye to spreadsheets
Keep the spreadsheets to the finance department.
Enable efficient use of your teams time by enabling them to create the necessary outputs for your kitchen/bakery, packers and logistics.
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Import all Slerp pre-orders
with a single click.
Add orders from other sources
and add notes, comments and attach PDFs.
Bulk upload orders
from external data sources including Shopify, WooCommerce and Square.
Automated outputs
Automated outputs with you in control
Gain instant visibility on your production each day with all your orders and schedules in one place.
  • Production summaries with breakdowns by product, modifier, add-ons
  • Auto-generated packing slips
  • Automated label generation
  • Automated exportable delivery summaries
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hours saved per week on production planning admin and preparing online orders.
elimination of human error.
hours saved per week on label printing and planning delivery summaries.
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