An integrated CRM platform for restaurants and hospitality

A CRM system designed for hospitality marketing
Send personalised messages and create automations to keep your customers engaged
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Leveraging CRM data, we can now personalise marketing efforts.
Segmentation enables tailored messaging to our customers.
With CRM, our program delivers tailored perks and messaging.
Using data, we’ve made marketing efforts more targeted and effective.
your digital marketing strategy
Utilise your customer and transactional data within a single integrated system.
Organise your data from customer orders to create tailored campaigns that are targeted.
Set up email automations and sequences that are sent automatically.
Use both Email and SMS to ensure you are getting noticed. For App users, Push Notifications can be used and are completely free.
Use Slerp CRM as your source of truth to aggregate all customer data, even from external sources.
Utilise your customer data like never before
Be specific with who gets your messages. Collect detailed information and build detailed customer profiles:
  • Segment guests by preferences and past orders
  • Boost engagement through personalised offers and menus.
  • Increase revenue by driving sales with targeted promotions.
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Move away from static emails that are generic and untargeted
Simple but sophisticated triggers for email, SMS and push notifications.
  • Build stronger relationships and foster loyalty through email
  • Design personalised branded messages for your customers
  • 1 in 3 consumers open an SMS within one minute of receiving it.
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Gain actionable feedback
  • Improve service by turning feedback into actionable steps for better service quality.
  • Enhance offerings by adapting your menu and services based on feedback.
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Automate repetitive tasks
  • Automate loyalty updates and campaigns to free up team time.
  • Empower staff to provide personalised experiences for exceptional service.
  • Increase productivity by reducing manual tasks.
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How does Slerp work

Slerp is an online ordering platform designed specifically for the hospitality industry. We sit behind the scenes, powering your own branded checkout so that you can directly take orders from your customers whilst owning the data. Think of us as a Shopify for restaurants, with reliable and efficient delivery.

Slerp enables you to:

  • Create, manage, and customise your online ordering channel on web and via your own app.
  • Deliver efficiently to your customers with automatic courier assignment with courier partners such as Uber (we are the first UK platform partner), Stuart, and Addison Lee. We track and monitor all deliveries end-to-end and have the best-in-class customer support handling (92% CSAT score).
  • Accept a range of order types all from a single checkout, including Click & Collect, ASAP delivery, scheduled same-day delivery, and pre-orders such as larger catering orders for future days.
  • Grow your orders using customer data, loyalty programs, discounts and CRM, all from one platform.

For head office staff, all of Slerp’s features are accessed through one dashboard, which means you don’t have to log into multiple systems.

For on-premise staff, orders are received via our Partner App (IOS or Android) which operates very similar to marketplaces. We also integrate with the likes of Deliverect, Otter and Urban Piper (coming soon) if you prefer to not use our App.

Unlike marketplaces, you get to own your branded checkout, obtain rich customer data, and shape your customer experience using your own loyalty program and CRM. Marketplaces are also tightly coupled to on-demand delivery orders. With Slerp, you are open to a variety of order types that can be customized easily for each and every location. With our comparatively low commission structure, you also will be able to improve your margins and add more money to your pocket.

Typically we work with businesses that already have online ordering via marketplaces. This may be contributing anywhere between 10-80% of the total business turnover. Such businesses are looking to diversify their revenue streams, take back control, and make more margin.

We also have many businesses come to us who may be using an existing ordering solution that is not fit for purpose for their requirements. We work with businesses in many shapes and sizes – you may have 1 location, or you may be a multi-site franchised business with 150 locations. The Slerp platform is flexible to suit a variety of setup configurations.

Our pricing is transparent and on the Pricing page of our website. We earn as you earn ensuring we are completely aligned on growing your direct ordering channel. There are optional add-ons that can be used to compliment your setup depending on your requirements. Slerp is committed to help you to sell more efficiently and grow your online orders successfully. We take a low commission based on transactions and charge a low fee for optional add-ons.
No, you do not need a developer or designer to use Slerp. Our platform is designed to be intuitive and comes with a user-friendly guide to get you set up and transacting in as little as an hour. We also have an incredible growth team of former operators to help you grow your online orders.
Yes. Most of our partners use popular website builders such as Wix, WordPress, and Squarespace. You will just need to include order buttons and order links that point to your online ordering page. You also have the option to customize the domain name of your ordering channel to align with your website. See Crosstown as an example.
Case studies
See how our customers use Slerp to grow their revenue.

5 stars
“At Detroit Pizza, selling directly to our customers isn’t just a strategy; it’s integral to our brand’s identity. We want to provide an unparalleled customer experience and ensure that we’re not just another face in the marketplace. Slerp has been pivotal in helping us achieve that. Their platform enables us to maintain direct relationships with our patrons, enhancing our customer service and distinguishing our brand in a crowded industry.”
Courtney Schmitke, Founder at Detroit Pizza
  • Delivery
  • Catering
  • Click&Collect
  • Loyalty
  • Apps
  • CRM
Performance Highlights
  • Delivery business has grown 5X since partnering with Slerp in 2020.
  • 3X their volume of orders on their direct channel within the last year.
  • Opened a new location in Islington to meet increased demand.

5 stars
“Thanks to Slerp’s online ordering platform and robust loyalty scheme, we’ve empowered our growth by gaining greater control over our data.”
Sharwar Ahmed, Founder at Kaani Kaana
  • Delivery
  • Click&Collect
  • Loyalty
  • Apps
  • CRM
Performance Highlights
  • 10 x sales growth with Slerp within a year.
  • Grew customer database, with 1000 marketing opt-ins in 10 days.
  • Able to align with their sustainability goals, with 50% of deliveries in zero-emission vehicles.

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