Digital loyalty programme for restaurants and hospitality

Drive repeat business with digital loyalty
Fully integrated with Slerp online ordering
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Redeem rewards
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Focus on the customers that matter most
Slerp gives you full access to YOUR data, so you know exactly who your most loyal customers are.
Take the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with those who make a big difference to your business.
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Your loyalty programme, fully integrated, fully controlled
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Points & Stamps
Choose whether customers earn points or stamps.
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Customisable Rewards
Create a tiered scheme and reward with monetary discounts, percentage off spend, or free products.
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Redeem Anywhere
All order types – order at table, click and collect, delivery. Enable In-store, online, in app.
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Give a little, retain a lot
Give your customers a reason to order from you direct rather than using a third-party delivery app or competitor.
With a loyalty & rewards programme, show customers that you value their custom – and watch your repeat order rate grow.
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App ordering
Know your customer, wherever they are
Loyalty and apps go hand-in-hand.
With your own ordering and loyalty app, you can be at the forefront of technology, no matter how big or small your business.
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Flexible rewards
Choose how you reward your customers for their loyalty.
  • Offer multiple rewards and tiered schemes
  • Encourage usage with bonus rewards on first purchase
  • Tailor your loyalty programme to drive best sellers
  • Utilise rewards within Customer Services
All automatically applied and integrated with your online ordering system.
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