Table ordering system

Order at table
Free up staff to have more meaningful interactions
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Dine in
Table ordering
Fewer staff, better convos
Good hospitality is about more than taking orders and punching it into a POS.
Let our tech handle the admin so your staff have more time to give your customers a memorable, and quality experience. That’s what hospitality is all about.
  • Turn tables faster
  • Generate more revenue
  • Improve your customer experience
  • Build stronger, loyal relationships
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Slerp partner app
The digital solution to staff shortages
We know you’re short staffed, and that continuously hiring is a nightmare.
Save yourself time and stress and implement an order at table solution – an online extension of your in-store team, which allows you to do more with less.
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Table ordering
Reward your customers and they’ll reward your staff
What do your customers want? A great experience.
So give them the very best ordering experience, seamless and smooth, and watch your staff’s tips soar. Order at table drives:
  • Higher order values
  • Bigger tips
It’s a no brainer.
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Guest Checkout
We’re not one of those annoying companies that makes people create an account or download an app.
Customers order your food quickly and with ease.
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
Split the bill
Save Time with Split the Bill
Let us do the math for you. No more awkward numbers or taking 8 different payments.
  • Split the bill evenly or with different amounts
  • Send the bill to friends via text, WhatsApp or simply scan the code
People & Planet Friendly
We’re painfully familiar with the expense of constantly printing menus, and so is the planet.
Do your part and reduce your waste whilst reducing your costs. Simply scan a QR code and order.
Web and app
Web & App Based
A seamless experience however your customers prefer to order.
One off customers may prefer to use web whereas repeat customers can use your very own branded app for everything from order at table to click and collect! One check out, one solution.
saved when turning tables
More tips earned on average
Average increase in spend
Reduced staffing costs
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