Click and collect for hospitality and restaurants

Customisable click + collect your customers will love
Make the till ring, even before your customers arrive
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Pick up
Desktop and mobile ordering
Telephone orders are so 90’s
Let your customers order and pay on the go.
Every customer has a self-service POS/Kiosk in their pocket. With Slerp, they can order via web-browser or your own app, directly with you. Whether they’re at home, at work, in the park, on the go, you can give your customers the flexibility to order your food anywhere, anytime.
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The fastest checkout in the world
Order to pay in 6 seconds flat.
Yep, no kidding – 6 seconds is all it takes to place a repeat order via your own branded app. It’s the perfect solution for those regular customers who re-order again and again (coffee addicts take note). It’s one of many slick features that make Slerp the leader in ordering technology in hospitality.
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Full control of your click + collect settings
Click & collect settings
Pick up times that work for you
Enable customers to order on the go with ASAP orders.
Plus take orders in advance for later the same-day or for future days. You can define your pick up time slots with every location tailored to match your service needs.
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Pick up time slots
Set order limits and manage volumes
Set, define and control your prep times (quiet, moderate, busy) at a touch of a button throughout the day.
Need to manage volume during peak periods? Create order limits by time slot so you never receive an order you can’t handle. You’re in control of your order settings.
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Kind on your customers wallet
58% of people say they’re put off ordering because of high delivery fees.
Encourage locals and repeat customers to click and collect. It’s simple and affordable for both you and your customer – you pay less commission, they save on delivery fees and get their steps in for the day.
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