Live Q&A support for your customers, from Slerp

Lucy Woodward
December 5, 2023

When delivery orders go well they’re great, at just 8.5% a direct order is much cheaper than a marketplace and you can pass some of that saving on to your customers via a loyalty program or special offer to keep them coming back. But what about when something goes wrong?

Dealing with customer queries can be time consuming and challenging, your team needs to focus on your diners in the restaurant and your customer wants to talk to someone with all the information at their fingertips.

That’s why we’ve launched live Q&A support for your customers.

If you’re using our courier partners (like Uber, Stuart and Addison Lee), our team of delivery experts will provide live support for your customers, handling any queries on their behalf, fixing any delivery issues and working directly with the courier companies and your team (where needed) to ensure a smooth service. 

We are the first and only direct provider to currently offer any service of this nature.


How will it work?

Once a customer has ordered, they will be able to contact us through a live chat box that will appear on their order confirmation page. Our team will be available from 8am – 11pm, 7 days a week. 

They monitor every single delivery that is assigned through our system, ensuring they’re delivered efficiently and correctly. We also have automated SMS updates that are sent to customers so they’re kept informed as to where their delivery is and when it’s arriving. These include a live map and tracking. 


How can I benefit?

Live support is available for any business using Slerp’s courier partner and it’s included for no extra charge.

This may be a new service but so far our team of logistics experts have a 96%+ approval rating from both our partners and their customers. 

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