Slerp announces integration with Order with Google

Sarah Jackson
May 9, 2024

Slerp has activated its integration with Order with Google, enhancing direct ordering capabilities for all Slerp partners that have a Google Business Profile. This collaboration introduces an online ordering call-to-action button directly linking to their checkout process, simplifying the ordering experience for customers who can now order directly.


Most of us are familiar and frequent users of the options to call, email or make dine-in restaurant reservations via Google Business Profiles on the search engine. Now, online ordering – powered by Slerp, will be given the same weighting as reservation buttons, enabling customers to order directly, without having to visit a third-party marketplace. 


Slerp is one of the first UK companies serving the industry to offer this integration. By signposting direct food orders via an additional call-to-action on Order with Google, Slerp supports its partners by adding another way for customers to discover their omni-channel offering. 


This addition to Slerp’s already wide-ranging delivery and growth solutions for restaurants further solidifies its role in the hospitality industry’s digital evolution.


JP Then, Founder of Slerp, said: “Order with Google is an important layer in our ongoing mission to provide an all-encompassing ordering solution for the hospitality industry. It’s a win for both restaurants and customers, ensuring they are directly connected digitally and importantly, the process remains straightforward and user-friendly.”

All restaurants utilising Slerp’s technology are eligible to use Order with Google. This enhancement is part of Slerp’s commitment to offering a comprehensive digital ordering solution, complementing recent advancements in CRM, AI integration and market-leading live operations support. In addition, Slerp also recently announced an integration with Uber Direct. 

Shaunagh Dunlop, Head of Marketing at Island Poké and a Slerp Partner said: “We appreciate yet another initiative from Slerp to help us to drive our own digital growth and success. Order with Google is an exciting step as we continue to scale our concept and become more omni-channel.”


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