Enhanced delivery zones by travel and distance

Liam Kelman
May 28, 2024

We’ve made it easier to set delivery zones at every Slerp location! Partner’s can now create delivery zones by simply setting a driving time or distance threshold. This makes delivery fees clearer and will improve customer satisfaction.

No more explaining ‘as the crow flies’ versus actual travel distance to partners. For example, explaining why a customer 2 miles away ‘as the crow flies’ is charged for 2.6 miles of travel distance is a thing of the past.

Now, partners can set delivery zones based on driving time or distance. This helps them communicate and market their delivery areas better, such as “We deliver anywhere within 10 minutes of our Shoreditch branch!” and specify delivery costs, like “Delivery fee: Up to £7.99.”

Additionally, we’ve enhanced the Busy Delivery Zone feature. Partners can now easily reduce their delivery zone during peak periods to manage order volume.


Ability to change delivery zones on drive time.

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