Slerp Dispatch now with Uber Direct

Lucy Woodward
September 28, 2023

Last year we launched Slerp Dispatch, our product to directly integrate our online ordering platform with a host of the UK’s leading last-mile courier providers like Stuart and Addison Lee. It has provided our restaurant partners with a truly turnkey end-to-end solution to grow delivery orders at scale. Some of the results we have achieved already include:

  • The volume of last mile deliveries has increased over 500%
  • Partners end-to-end delivery times have fallen to under 23 minutes on average
  • Over 99% of deliveries are successfully delivered by our courier partners

With the addition of Uber Direct, our restaurant partners now have access to one of the largest last-mile courier fleets in the UK, including bikes, motorbikes and cars. As a result, we can offer our powerful, fully-integrated dispatch solution to even more locations across the UK, and increase the number of available drivers. That means faster assignment and delivery times.


Uber Direct and Slerp, the best of both worlds.

Slerp Dispatch is more than just a link between your restaurant and a courier provider. It’s a dynamic platform backed by logistics experts which can turbo-charge your last-mile delivery. Here’s how:

    1. Pick the best courier & vehicle type for the job: Based on your settings, the size of the order, the distance travelled and the local courier availability, Slerp Dispatch will automatically assign and route the best driver to you for the job, plus provide the end-customer with live tracking. 
    2. Integrated billing: No need to reconcile multiple courier invoices or set up accounts with each provider. Slerp takes the courier’s payment at source and provides you a breakdown of the fees charged, so the courier reconciliation is done seamlessly and automatically.
    3. Live support 7 days a week: Our Dispatch solution is solely for our Partners and backed by a team of operators who manage courier jobs in real time, meaning if there is a problem (a courier breaks down, can’t find your restaurant, etc.) you have someone there to support you 7-days a week with an average response time of just 73 seconds!
    4. Great pricing for you and your customers: Due to our scale, we have preferred  pricing with our courier providers. We also make sure you can provide competitive prices to your customers, with an ‘optimised rate card’ – designed to maximise your order conversion and gross profit. 

Ultimately this integration with Uber Direct will contribute to an already industry-leading service. We are trusted by hundreds of restaurants to manage their tens of thousands of deliveries from beginning to end.

Simply put, working with Uber allows us to do more of what we are great at and we are excited to get even better!

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