Feast in the East (of London)

Sarah Jackson
July 14, 2023

East London’s best restaurants to order from


In a trend that shows no sign of slowing, multiple East London venues have launched their own direct ordering and delivery services, allowing fans of some of London’s most iconic restaurants the opportunity to order directly online. 

From established and much-loved restaurants such as Tayyabs, Rossopomodoro and Red Dog Saloon, through to the most popular QSRs on the block including Bangers London and Brick Lane Bagel Co. The shift to offering direct ordering and delivery means customers can now benefit from both pre-ordering and catering options as well as same day. 

By creating a direct ordering channel, restaurants obtain added control compared to when using third-party channels, and importantly, more money goes back into their business. They also get rich information about customer preferences, allowing them to directly drive awareness of new menu items, and incentivising repeat purchases with tailored loyalty programmes. 

Their new direct channels are powered by Slerp, a tech business headquartered in Shoreditch, that specialises in providing solutions for hospitality businesses in the UK. 



One of East London’s institutions that needs no introduction. A family-owned Punjabi restaurant, nestled in the heart of Whitechapel, Tayyabs last year celebrated its 50th anniversary. 


Red Dog Saloon

From their first site in Hoxton, Red Dog Saloon has now expanded across the UK, including venues in Liverpool, Nottingham and Southampton. Known for its slow-cooked barbecue dishes and hot wing challenge where diners are challenged to eat six ghost chilli wings as quickly as possible. Although plenty of other, more palatable flavours are also available! 


Detroit Pizza 

Bringing the Detroit deep pan pizza style to London. Detroit Pizza supports local suppliers and uses seasonal ingredients in their dishes, making them much more than ‘a slice’ above the rest. 


Bangers London

The saviour of hangovers available throughout Shoreditch, Bangers offers a selection of British breakfast options, all wrapped up in a breakfast bap. Vegan options are also available. 



Founded in Italy by three friends from Naples in 1999, Rossopomodoro (Italian for red tomato) opened its first London location back in 2006. Customers can experience all the delights of Southern Italian cuisine by ordering directly from their Hoxton location, one of four venues across London. Honoured last year in Italy’s inaugural list of the World’s Top 50 Artisan Pizzas, Rossopomodoro aims to bring the true taste of Naples here to the UK with dishes that blend traditional flavours with contemporary twists. 


Brick Lane Bagel Co. 

Brick Lane Bagel Co. was founded by father and son duo Stuart and Elliott Hearne. Their menu features a range of popular fillings including the classics of Irish salt beef brisket and oak-smoked salmon. 


JP Then, Founder of Slerp said: “Slerp has been growing across the UK, but our own head office is here in Shoreditch, so East London will always be special to us. It’s exciting to see the variety of operators adopting our platform, with each configuring their set up to meet their requirements and their customers’ needs. As a team we are excited to be able to support and grow the exact venues from where we order our own lunches.”

Other East London venues with direct ordering powered by Slerp include – Dom’s Subs, Assenheims, Kricket, Crosstown, Rinkoff Bakery, Eataly and Pophams. For more information on how Slerp supports businesses, visit www.slerp.com 

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