Food delivery system for Franchises

Loyalty & Food Delivery Apps For Franchise Restaurants
One flexible solution for all of your franchisees
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Flexible, customisable, affordable
We’ve worked with multiple franchisors to bring them an online ordering solution that delivers growth for all of their franchisees. Take more orders quickly and easily, stay ahead of the competition and reduce reliance on marketplaces.
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Multi-site brands
Set up for multi-locations
Franchisees can take control of their online ordering with the ability to customise their settings based on location. But ultimate brand control rests with you.
  • Different menus for different locations
  • Snooze products by location
  • Have separate discount codes, promos & loyalty
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It’s all in the detail
  • Maximise margins and set a different price for table ordering, collection and delivery.
  • Franchisees and business owners have access to detailed reporting, providing you with a holistic overview of performance.
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Your own beautifully branded app
Own a spot on your customers phone and give them a sophisticated, slick ordering experience.
Your colours, your logo, your brand
Integrated digital loyalty
The easiest, quickest checkout
Click + Collect
order & pay on the go
Lower your commission even further with click and collect. Make the till ring before customers have even stepped through the door!
same day, on demand, pre order
Whether you want to try last-mile, nationwide or self delivery. We can support as much as you need us to.
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