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Mobile ordering
Takeaway the stress with online ordering
From small independents to large chains, we help takeaway and quick service restaurants take more orders with less hassle.
Whether you want to launch delivery, reduce reliance on market places or start with click + collect, we’ve got you covered.
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Phone orders are so last season
Save time and reduce order errors, take your orders online! Take multiple orders at once and serve more customers. Your staff will thank you and so will your customers.
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Digital loyalty
Reward your most loyal customers
Drive repeat business with digital loyalty.
We give you full access to your data so you can focus on the customers that matter most.
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Mobile ordering
Reduce reliance on marketplaces
If you’re serious about growing your takeaway business, D2C is where it’s at.
Create a unique and high quality ordering system that helps you save money on commission, build meaningful relationships with your customers and keeps them coming back for more.
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Own a spot on your customers phone
Put your brand in the pocket of your customers with your very own app!
Apple and Google pay
Easy payments
Scan & pay, Apple & Google pay.
Encourage repeat orders
Using ‘order it again button’.
Super fast check out
With features like ‘press pay’.
Click + Collect
order & pay on the go
Lower your commission even further with click and collect. Make the till ring before customers have even stepped through the door!
same day, on demand, pre order
Whether you want to try last-mile, nationwide or self delivery. We can support as much as you need us to.
An online ordering system acts like an online shop, allowing your customers to browse a menu and place their order online. You can then accept any online orders placed alongside your usual on-site orders.
Online ordering systems have become essential for takeaway businesses. Customers expect to be able to order at their convenience no matter where they are. Our online ordering system can help you increase both the number of orders received and your overall revenue so you can continue to grow your takeaway business in a way that suits you.
Every business is different which is why we always take the time to learn how your takeaway ticks so we can tailor your set up completely to you. Enable features like Click + Collect, set a flexible delivery radius by location, and limit the number of orders you receive by time slot to suit your pace. Our team of experts can talk you through the best set up for your business.
Our online ordering system integrates easily with the leading payment, delivery, POS, CRM and loyalty providers. We add new integrations all the time to provide the best experience possible for you. See our full list of integrations here.
Our online ordering system allows you to connect with the best courier partners operating today. You simply select your preferred courier, and leave us to handle the integrations and day-to-day logistics with them directly. Our industry leading 7-day support lets you focus on what you do best when it counts.
We support Order at Table system for all takeaway businesses, so you can serve more customers in less time. By simply scanning a QR code, your customers can order from your menu and pay without needing to leave their seat. Learn more about Order at Table here.
Getting your takeaway set up with Slerp is quick and easy. Our dedicated help centre will guide you through the onboarding process with our expert Slerp support team on hand throughout if you ever need anything.
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