Online Ordering for Restaurants

Online Ordering for Restaurant in Edinburgh Craiglockhart

Discover how Slerp can revolutionise your Edinburgh Craiglockhart Restaurant's Online Ordering services.
Boost your Restaurant sales in Edinburgh Craiglockhart with Slerp, the ultimate online ordering platform for selling direct-to-consumer (D2C).

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Direct Selling: Own Your Customer Experience

Direct-to-consumer online ordering is especially important for restaurants as it bypasses costly delivery marketplace commissions, retaining more revenue and control over the customer experience. By letting customers order directly, Restaurant brands can build stronger relationships with customers, offer personalised service, and gather crucial data to encourage repeat business.

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Why Choose Slerp for Your Restaurant’s Online Ordering in Edinburgh Craiglockhart?

Seamless Ordering and Checkout Experience

With Slerp you can create a custom-branded ordering experience on the web and your custom app that reflects your Restaurant's brand identity. With the fastest checkout experience, Slerp ensures that your customers enjoy a seamless ordering process, making it easier for them to order repeatedly.

Optimised Delivery Management

Slerp partners with top-quality courier services such as Stuart, Uber, and Addison Lee, ensuring reliable and efficient delivery. Your Restaurant can handle on-demand, same-day, or pre-scheduled deliveries with ease, enhancing customer satisfaction with timely delivery updates. You also get live end-customer support from Slerp, enhancing customer satisfaction with timely delivery updates.

Drive Repeat Business with Loyalty

Slerp’s integrated loyalty and rewards programs encourage repeat business, allowing you to offer personalised discounts and rewards that drive customer retention and satisfaction.

Full Customer Data

Use Slerp’s CRM capabilities to analyse customer behaviour and personalise marketing efforts. The platform’s tools offer insights that help turn occasional customers into loyal patrons by leveraging data on customer ordering patterns to tailor experiences.

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