Introducing Slerp CRM

Lucy Woodward
November 1, 2023

Slerp CRM is your new, dedicated marketing sidekick that directly links with your online ordering system and enables you to harness your customer data to drive more repeat transactions. It’s built specifically for hospitality operators and your needs.


So what is a CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Which is essentially the process of managing interactions with your customers. This can be both existing and new/potential customers. 

A CRM system means you can better track your communications and helps you to organise and utilise your data better. It’s likely that you’ve heard of or even use one. So what about ours is different or dare we say better?


Create detailed customer profiles

Already using Slerp for online ordering? You can import all of your customers’ transactional history. Our CRM integrates with all of your order types, loyalty programme and even your booking system.

Slerp CRM will help organise all this data so you can see everything from what your customer purchased and how they order, to when their birthday is. This allows you to interact with your customers on a personal level and drive loyalty and repeat business

For example you could send an exclusive birthday discount, which not only makes them feel special, but encourages them to make a purchase. Driving repeat customers is a lot cheaper than generating new ones and they actually spend up to 67% more on average – win, win.


Build powerful email campaigns

Email marketing remains a tried and tested form of communication for hospitality businesses. It’s both effective and affordable, and when paired with detailed customer data you will see it really help to grow your sales. So how does it do this? 

Features like pre templated designs and the ability to create automated emails that are triggered by customer actions are designed to be effective whilst saving you time. We give you the ability to personalise content (e.g. names, birthdays) so that you can continue providing a personalised customer service even when online.

Many of our partners use email marketing in conjunction with SMS, a combination we find to be incredibly effective. Partners already using our CRM have seen 12% MoM growth from a combination of email and SMS marketing.


Send fast SMS

SMS marketing is one of the fastest and most reliable ways to communicate with your customers. It has an average open rate of 98% with 1 in 3 people opening messages within the first minute of receiving. 

This makes them a great way to let customers know about any offers you’re running or perhaps a new menu launch – anything to tempt them into ordering. Some of our partners have seen their sales increase by as much as 63% from a single SMS.


Automate your communications

When we speak to our partners and other operators about marketing, one of the main things we hear is that they don’t have the time. Automated emails and SMS allow you to maximise impact for minimal input. 

Our CRM system allows you to set triggers such as; someone ordering, the date of their birthday or an abandoned cart. This will cause a message to be sent to them thanking them for purchasing or encouraging them to with an offer. 

Our expertise means we know what the best performing automations are, so we can set these up automatically and suggest what might work best for you. This means you’ll have a series of regular communication that keeps you at the forefront of your customer’s mind without having to spend hours writing and sending emails.


Grow your database

All of this sounds great of course but naturally you need a good database of contacts to send to. We can help with that too. 

Slerp products like digital loyalty are a great way to incentivise sign ups. You can pull all of this information as well as transactional data into Slerp CRM, where it will be organised, managed and utilised.

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