Why use an online ordering system for your bakery?

Michael Ryan
April 22, 2022

Our love for bakeries in the UK is clear! The market is worth £3.9 billion, accounting for a significant proportion of the country’s food industry. But, what do you think when you picture a bakery? A traditional walk-in businesses, with a counter full of cakes, doughnuts and breads. For years we’ve strolled into our local bakery, maybe during a lunch hour at work, to buy our favourite cakes or other baked goods. However, if you run a bakery, it is likely that you, like many hospitality businesses over the past few years, have had to think about significantly upgrading your online presence.


You have probably considered putting in place an online ordering system, for those customers who want the convenience of being able to purchase goods from you even when they aren’t on your premises. Or you might have built an online presence to help you attract and retain customers. The great news is that a dedicated online bakery ordering system is the perfect investment for your business and here’s why.


It allows for a smoother, more convenient customer experience


If you are serious about your business not just surviving, but thriving, an online ordering system is essential, rather than something that is simply ‘nice to have’.

After all, the pandemic has driven many of us into new ways of doing things – including discovering the slickness and convenience of purchasing food online for delivery. It’s no accident that one online cake shop cited by British Baker saw an astounding 225% year-on-year sales spike in the period from March to May 2020, as the first national lockdown hit bakeries hard.

People have got used to the convenience of ordering online –it’s not a fad that will fade away, it’s a trend that will only grow. By not being online you’re leaving your business vulnerable. Now is the time to seriously consider a sophisticated online ordering system that will boost growth and stability.



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It can drive customer loyalty

If a favourite bakery of yours (that you visited in person) was not available for delivery, what would you do? Many of us would turn to a competitor that did have a well-developed online presence, with an easy-to-use online ordering system. And, once comfortable you may be less likely to return.

If you want to keep more of your treasured customers coming back to your bakery, an online ordering system is the way. Choose Slerp, and we can even provide your bakery with its own branded app, and tailored loyalty programme.


It’s quick and easy


Yes, technically you could accept orders from customers over the phone.

But you and your employees won’t always be available to take orders over the phone, outside your daytime opening hours perhaps. That aside, telephone orders are prone to human error and hardly the most efficient way of processing orders.

Would you not prefer a system that takes such hassle off your hands? With the right online ordering system, your bakery can take customer orders with ease right through the day and night! Freeing you up to focus on what you do best: rustling up the most delicious baked goods.

Get in contact today to learn more about the different ways Slerp could support you and your bakery with online ordering.

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