5 ways to promote your online ordering capabilities

Charlie Clayton
May 9, 2022

The hospitality industry has shown incredible resilience and adaptability in the face of the pandemic. One key trend to come from this has been the development of efficient, dependable and sophisticated systems for online ordering.

The unpredictable conditions of today’s landscape have led to many more restaurants, takeaways, and similar businesses investing in the development of online ordering and apps. So if you have recently made the excellent decision to partner with Slerp, what are the best ways to spread the word about your new digital capabilities?


1. On your website – with a link to order 

If your target customers are wondering whether your hospitality business accepts online orders, one of the first things they are likely to do is visit your business’s website.

When they take that step, will they see an obvious and direct link to your online ordering system? A strong ‘call to action’ button should be placed front-and-centre on your restaurant or takeaway’s website, not hidden away in a fiddly dropdown menu.


2. Via social media platforms 

One place you are likely to already have an engaged audience, is your brand’s social media pages. Whether your hospitality firm is active on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, there’s a lot of scope to shout about the slickness and convenience of your online ordering system with a post or tweet.

Don’t forget that social media is an amazing tool for advertising networks. So, it could be a good idea to use it to get your brand and products in front of people who are not already following your business’s social pages.


Utilise social media as an effective and affordable tool.


3. Promote online ordering alongside a loyalty programme

We all love loyalty perks, everybody loves a freebie and to feel valued. The situation is no different for your hospitality firm! You can now introduce a loyalty scheme that automatically awards customers stamps or points every time they order from you, regardless of whether it’s in person, in app or online.

It is well-known that loyalty programmes can help drive repeat orders and customer retention. At Slerp, though, we take it one step further. Partner with us and we will give you access to fully automated tools that could further help you get customers buying from you again, based on their shopping history and habits.


4. Put up signage on your premise 

If you’re trying to work out who is most likely to order online with you look no further than your existing in-premise customer base. Yes they like to dine with you in person, or purchase in store, but there will be a time when they’re at home and they’re looking to order in, make sure that they think of you.

Ensure you have signage in and around your physical store, highlighting the wide-ranging online ordering capabilities you offer. Eye-catching, colourful banners featuring your website link or a QR code can go a long way – as could promotional flyers distributed to nearby homes.


Encourage your in store customers to get online.


5. Reference your digital app on your food and drink packaging 

This is another ‘old-school’ method for promoting aspects of your business, but it is a powerful one. Just imagine the awareness you could gain for your online ordering capabilities, if you simply added a QR code or printed a message about your website, ordering app and loyalty scheme on every food box you deliver.

Many of the best ways of spreading the word about your online ordering capabilities are free or relatively inexpensive – so don’t overlook great promotional opportunities right under your nose.

And don’t worry if you would rather not be too distracted from your core business right now. Partnering with Slerp can enable you to make the most of our expertise in online ordering, while freeing up your team to do what they do best.

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