How to choose the best online ordering system for your restaurant

Charlie Clayton
May 23, 2022

We understand that choosing the right online ordering system for your business is not only an important decision but a difficult one too! It can be hard to see through some of the sales chat and identify the really important aspects.

The fact is though, if you’re not yet offering online ordering, you should be. Research undertaken by KPMG in the spring of 2021  found that over the past two years, Brits had increased their spending on takeaways by almost half (42%). Customers are used to and demand high speed, convenient online ordering systems.

But this is not a decision you want to commit to half heartedly. Because take it from us, it won’t work! Once you choose to have an up-to-date online ordering system, it needs to be a long-term commitment for your restaurant business. First things first though, you need to choose the right one for you. Here are some things we recommend considering.


What does it look like?


If you’ve ordered online before you’ll know that buying something on a desktop can be a very different experience to your phone. The consumer is tired of having to waste time on a platform that is designed for a pc/laptop. We want to be able to order anywhere, anytime, with ease.

In response to this, many restaurants today have gone above and beyond just putting together a smartphone-optimised website, by having a complete branded iOS or Android app built. Such apps can make excellent use of the smaller screens of smartphones to give those ordering an intuitive and slick experience.

So, you might want to consider whether the online ordering system you’re considering includes the option of a tailored app… hint Slerp does!


Does it cater for all the ways in which people now order food online? 


Pre pandemic, about a fifth of customers in the country had used a ‘click and collect’ service for restaurant orders. So, it shouldn’t be revolutionary  in 2022 to suggest that the online ordering system you invest in for your restaurant allows for this way of ordering.

The past few years have seen a definite shift from physical menus to digital menus. And with this came the emergence of ‘order at table’ technology. Again, this is something that your chosen online ordering system should allow for, so that your team can receive and process orders efficiently, minimise wait times, and turn tables quickly. Again…Slerp has you covered.

You also want to consider those customers who want their food to arrive directly to the comfort of their own home. You should be able to choose the delivery area, the delivery methods, and even the courier partners you work with.  Slerp is well-integrated with trusted delivery partners that serve the local area, an entire city, or the whole of the UK.


What customer and technical support is available? 


No matter how impressive your chosen online ordering system may sound, you will want the company providing it to be constantly available to help you make the most of it.

Here at Slerp, for instance, our support team can be reached 7am to 11pm, seven days a week. We know you might not have the luxury of waiting until Monday to resolve unanticipated problems with your online ordering system and so we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

To sum up, the best online ordering system provider shouldn’t dictate or micromanage everything. Instead, they should work alongside you or even simply operate in the background, giving you the resources and freedom to build your restaurant’s delivery services in the best way for you and your customers.

We may be a little biassed, but Slerp offers a fantastic online ordering system perfect for restaurants, for all of these reasons and more. So if you want to hear more about our system, and how it could support your restaurant, get in touch today!

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