Why choose a loyalty programme for your restaurant 

Lucy Woodward
July 8, 2022

Reading the title of this blog, you might already be thinking yep already offer loyalty. But we’re not talking about the easily lost paper versions that you hand out to each customer as they order. We’re talking about the kind of loyalty programme that actually keeps customers coming back for more… the digital kind.

Before we get into the juicy info, let’s cover the basics. Our digital loyalty programme is essentially the same as a paper stamp card but 10x better. To start with it’s online so your customer can’t lose it or confuse it with 100 other cards they have in their wallet. It’s also interchangeable between web, app and in person. So it doesn’t matter how they order, they collect points either way.

So now we’ve sparked your interest, let us tell you why we reckon digital loyalty is a must have for your restaurant.


More engaged customers


We all love a freebie. So the thought of getting a coffee for free or 50% of a burger for the small price of becoming a regular is definitely worth it. Think about it, if you find a cafe that you like that offers you your 10th coffee for free, you’re going to keep going back. In fact, we recently paired up with KAM media for a research project and found that 84% of people would be more likely to order from a venue if they had the opportunity to gain loyalty points. That’s a lot of business you could be missing out on!


Another reason to order direct


We’ve always said there’s a time and a place for a marketplace, they’re great for getting your name out there. But they should not be part of your long term strategy. Direct ordering has a lot more potential for growth and that’s where loyalty comes in. This is a great way to tempt your customers into ordering direct. And trust us, they want to. 62% said they would order direct if they could, they might not even know you offer it! Loyalty helps you stand out from the marketplaces and once your customers branch out, they’ll keep coming back.

84% of people would be more likely to order from a venue if they had the opportunity to gain loyalty points



More sales


We know it’s not a super original point but we also know it will always be an important one. If nothing else, loyalty drives repeat business. You probably already have a loyal band of customers, you just don’t know it. With direct ordering you have full access to all of your data, so you know who’s ordering regularly and you can reward them.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, loyal customers actually spend more, 67% more! So if you want to grow your business and your online presence, loyalty programmes really are a great way to do so.

Crosstown loyalty



Paper stamp cards suck!


We’ll say it one more time for the people in the back. Paper stamp cards really do suck. How many times have you lost one or found an old crumpled one in the back of your jeans? Yep, us too.

Digital is more reliable, more convenient and eco-friendly. Continuously printing them out just for people to lose them really is such a waste of paper. And at a time where we can and should be making as many swaps as possible to make a difference, this seems like a no brainer. Save yourself the money and the trouble and the planet some trees!

Whether you’re a longstanding partner, new to Slerp, or looking to get into direct ordering full stop, a loyalty programme is something you should consider. Stay ahead of the competition and start implementing yours. New to Slerp entirely? Sign up today! Or if you’re already a partner, get in contact with your account manager now.

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