Is ordering direct right for your business?

Charlie Clayton
July 15, 2022

As the world continues to grow, adapt, and evolve, we are all seemingly busier than ever, and seeking time savers and easy hacks to help us solve problems quickly and effectively. This is particularly true for customers looking to enjoy tasty new dishes, but also for the hospitality businesses that serve them.

Customers in this category are often time-poor, and ensuring they can enjoy delicious meals in a fast, effective, and streamlined manner is a real priority for many of them.

Fortunately for your business, we have the solution you need: welcome to the world of direct ordering. This is an innovative change that will allow you to connect to a wider range of customers, keep them happy and well-fed, and help grow your business.


What is direct ordering?


As the name suggests, direct ordering is a smart initiative that allows your customers to order online from your establishment. It’s a super flexible solution that can really help your business expand and grow to the next level.

It’s also popular with customers; 63% of customers in the United States said that they would prefer to order directly from a restaurant, with just 18% favouring a third-party delivery service. Our recent consumer research supports this, with 62% of people saying they would prefer to order direct when they have the option.


In addition to meeting customer preferences, direct ordering comes in a wide range of options…

  • Delivery – A convenient and popular choice for customers. Consider whether you’re looking for managed delivery, or self delivery.
  • Click & collect – Accept orders from customers anywhere. Perfect for businesses in high footfall locations or with a local following.
  • Order at table – Allow customers to order online on-premise and free up staff to have more meaningful interactions.


How does direct ordering work?


It’s simple. Once your online ordering system is set up and ready to go, customers can simply head to your site, or download an app, and they will be able to access all that you have to offer.

And the best bit? With direct ordering, you’re in control. With a fully branded online ordering system, you control your brand and how you position it to your customers. And you control your orders – including how many you take and when you take them.


So what are the benefits of direct ordering for hospitality firms then?


1. Better margins for you

One of the main advantages of direct ordering is that it allows you to keep a healthier cut of your profits. Marketplaces charge an average commission of 30%, which is obviously a big chunk.

When you choose to utilise direct ordering, on the other hand, you drastically reduce this,  with Slerp, managed delivery commission is just 6%  Now that’s a serious incentive.

We don’t mean to be dismissive of the merits of third-party marketplaces; they can be great for boosting visibility and attracting new customers.

However, depending on third-party platforms might work best as a short-term solution For long term growth, embracing direct ordering is the better choice.


2. Take control of the entire customer journey

One of the main issues with outsourcing anything is that you have to relinquish some control – this is true with online ordering. When you rely on third party marketplaces, you don’t control the customer experience, you don’t collect the data. Direct ordering allows you to quality-check the entire experience from order to delivery, which keeps customers happy and ready to return time and time again.

By taking charge of the online ordering system, you can also reduce the risk of mix-ups with deliveries and orders. Your customers order with you, the order is processed with you, and the order can even be delivered by you (if you choose self delivery). This reduces the chance that something will go wrong.


3. Drive loyalty

With direct ordering, you have the opportunity to drive loyalty and repeat orders by regarding the customers who order with you most. Create a loyalty programme that allows you to offer points, or stamps when customers order online or on-premise and watch repeat orders grow. A free item after a few orders.


4. Build long-term growth

A key benefit to implementing direct ordering is that you are future-proofing your business, and ensuring you have long-term security through a remote, permanent connection with your customers. No matter the external circumstances, you will still be able to take and fulfil orders, communicate with customers, and keep the wheels turning.


Final thoughts


Direct ordering is a trend that is here to stay, and is an investment that could seriously upgrade your hospitality business.

Would you like to learn more about the possibilities? If so, get in contact with the Slerp team to kickstart your direct ordering today.

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