4 reasons you need Instagram shopping

Lucy Woodward
August 23, 2022

Take advantage of your customers’ cravings!


Instagram shopping is the ultimate shortcut in the consumer decision process and the latest trend in Social Commerce, making life easier for both the consumer and your business.

So what exactly is it? Instagram shopping is a feature that allows brands to create an online catalogue of their products within the app.

Our most recent product update makes setting up instagram easier than ever. So now is the perfect time for you to get set up and start taking advantage of the latest opportunity in E-Commerce.

We know what you’re thinking! It’s another thing to think about and sort. So why should you consider Instagram shopping on top of everything else?


1. It’s a quick and easy set up

Well to start with, it’s actually really simple! Our latest feature release means that setting up Instagram shopping is a piece of cake.We’ve put together a step by step guide on the set up process but we’re also here to help if you have any questions along the way.


2. A quicker purchasing journey for your customer

The modern day consumer is not a patient one; technology today means we expect everything to be quick and simple and when we want something, we’re not prepared to wait. Instagram Shopping takes complete advantage of this by providing direct links to products (all without having to leave the app) so a customer can go from browsing to ordering in seconds! This call to action makes the purchasing journey almost too easy and certainly too hard to resist. With this new feature, you can really tap into impulse buying and satisfy your customers’ craving immediately.


3. Optimise Discoverability

With nearly 1.4 billion users, Instagram is one of the most popular forms of social media out there. It is the perfect platform to get your products seen with 70% of shoppers turning to Instagram for product discoverability. The ability to input shoppable tags makes it so easy for the consumer to find and buy your products.


4. A visual and interactive shopping experience

Instagram is all about visuals; it is a platform designed to share images which has made the transition to shopping through the app a simple and logical one. Customers can browse through shoppable content (whether this be a reel, a story or simply an image) and be both entertained and encouraged to buy, all in the comfort of their own home.


So in short, set up Instagram Shopping and enhance your customers purchasing journey as well as your sales! This truly is an opportunity we think you should seize as soon as possible and with Slerp by your side, you can do so with confidence.

70% of shoppers turning to Instagram for product discoverability

Instagram Business Team

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