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Charlie Clayton
September 6, 2022

There are many great methods you can use to help grow your local hospitality business. But one of the most powerful things that you can do is make life easier, quicker, and more intuitive for your team members and customers alike.

This brings us neatly onto the subject of how embracing a ‘click and collect’ service could help grow your business. After all, click and collect itself has undergone massive growth; according to data from Statista, click and collect turnover in the UK was estimated to be worth €3.2 billion in 2013, before rising to €6.9 billion in 2019, and being tipped to reach €11.9 billion in 2023.

So what kind of role could click and collect play in your hospitality business’s expansion? Let’s take a look.


What businesses can use click and collect?


The short answer is, pretty much every kind of business that sells physical products and has access to a point where the customer can arrive to collect their goods.

However, it is a model that is particularly well suited for coffee shops, bakeries, and takeaways. These businesses sell food and drink items that customers can order online, collect and immediately take away, with minimal delay.


What are the benefits of click and collect?


Whether it’s about allowing your employees to accomplish more in a shorter bracket of time, or making life quicker and easier for those buying from you, there are various ways a click and collect service could support your business’s growth.


A speedy service for regulars

If you have customers who always come in each morning for the same coffee, sarnie and snack, a click and collect service can bring even greater convenience for them and for you. If they were to order online ahead of time, their order can be waiting for them every day at your premises the moment they walk in.


You can spend less time taking phone orders for takeaways

With technology these days, it can be surprising to still see some takeaways so dependent on telephone orders. Relying on customers calling and your staff manually jotting down the order on a notepad is time consuming and prone to human error. Offer click and collect, and you can have a system that captures, stores and processes your orders, including hassle-free payment.


The chance to save on delivery costs and fees

If your customer only lives around the corner from your takeaway or bakery – or if they’re set to come past your premises on their lunch break – why would they necessarily want to pay extra for a delivery service they don’t need? That would also mean less commission for you to pay.

Quick & easy for you and the customer

Save on delivery fees


What are the key features of click and collect with Slerp?

Partner with Slerp to bring click and collect to your customers, and you can soon be taking advantage of the following features:


Set your preparation times

Set order times based on how long it takes you to prepare your orders so that your customers are never waiting long and you don’t have to rush. So, whether you need five minutes to prepare a coffee, or 25 minutes for a pizza, you can set up your app so that the customer cannot place a pre-order for any sooner than then.


Take future day pre-orders

Speaking of pre-orders, what about allowing your customers to order for collection in a day or two’s time? This can be really handy for someone who wants to guarantee an order but who wants to collect it fresh for a birthday or a gift. So you can make the till ring before a customer has even entered through your door.

The fastest checkout in the world

With our ‘press pay’ feature, the customer can place a repeat order via your business’s own branded app, in just six seconds. It’s another slick feature that helps make click and collect a decidedly 21st century solution for bolstering efficiency and in the process, your takeaway, bakery, or coffee shop’s growth.

Allow yourself the time to prepare your dish properly


Options, functionality, and sophistication like the above can make such a difference to your efforts to attract customers, generate sales, and boost revenue. Essentially, you will be giving people more reasons to purchase from you, and your business more ways in which to grow.

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