Euro-tastic takeaways

Lucy Woodward
May 9, 2023

This year for the first time in 25 years, the UK is hosting Eurovision. If, like us, you failed to get tickets or didn’t fancy spending thousands on a hotel in Liverpool, then why not celebrate at home in the best way, with food. Maybe you’re planning a night in and fancy branching out from your usual burger? Or maybe you’re hosting a Eurovision party. Either way, it’s a good excuse to celebrate with great food that would be sure to get the judge’s top scores – no nul points here!

Slerp works with a huge range of partners that can deliver food from many of the countries you will watch on the night. Whether you plan to champion Spain, Sweden, Georgia…or even the UK, you will be guaranteed a tasty treat to accompany what is always some memorable performances.

And as Slerp powers direct online ordering  – meaning restaurants, QSRs, bakeries and more directly benefit from their own ordering system, you know you will be doing your part to support a local business.


So here are our 9 top eats for the best Eurovision celebration this weekend:


1. France – Le Deli Robuchon

Is there anything more French than cheese? Why not order some of their freshly baked bread too for the ultimate cheese board, perfect for a party.


2. Georgia – Aba Ra

Did you know that Khachapuri is the national dish of Georgia?  That’s our top pick on this menu – it’s a delicious classic filled with a speciality cheese mix and finished off with an egg yolk.


3. Greece – OPSO

Serving up modern Greek food, pick your favourite classic dish direct from OPSO,  or branch out and try their grilled octopus with caramelised onion, sherry vinegar & black eyed beans.


4. Israel – Ottolenghi

You’ve likely heard of Ottolenghi, maybe you’ve tried one of his amazing recipes? But have you been to one of his restaurants? Here you’ll find a selection of food rooted in middle eastern and mediterranean tradition. Choose from a selection of delicious salads, small plates and cakes.


5. Italy – Basilico

Whilst we’re aware pizza is a very familiar concept in the UK, have you tried Basilico? Traditional thin crust pizza topped with seasonal ingredients, they were actually London’s first wood fired pizza delivery company!


6. Portugal – Cafe de Nata

The perfect dessert, treat yourself and your mates to a party box and choose from 8 different flavours, ranging from classic to chocolate to fruit.


7. Spain – La Maritxu

La Maritxu specialised in authentic Basque Cheesecake (originating from the Spanish coastal town of San Sebastian). They consist of burnt caramelised crust and a rich & creamy interior – need we say more?


8. Sweden – Fabrique

Delicious, swedish, cinnamon buns to be enjoyed at any and all hours of the day. But you can also directly order all kinds of delicious pastries and breads.


9. UK – Willy’s Pies

Is there anything more British than pie and mash? Born in lockdown, Willy’s pies are some of the best you’ll ever have.

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