Slerp CRM makes driving repeat orders as easy as 1-2-3

Sarah Jackson
November 22, 2023

Slerp, the award-winning technology solution for restaurants and the hospitality sector has introduced a new AI-supported Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Based on their insights, the company has identified that the magic number for turning occasional digital customers into loyal, repeat patrons is three orders over a reasonable time period relative to the type of venue. The new CRM solution aims to convert existing customers into loyal users of the restaurant’s own direct ordering and delivery solutions. The benefits to the restaurant being a better margin, whilst customers benefit from personalised offers and rewards. 


The Turning Point: Three Orders 

Analysis from Slerp data from its many diverse Partners, shows that customers who place three orders with any one restaurant are significantly more likely to order again. Specifically, 47% will order again within 30 days (vs 14% off just one order) and 62% will order again within six months (vs 23% for one order). The time frame of the three orders are also relative to the type of venue, although the data also revealed that a high number of consumers quickly build loyalty, 54% will make a 2nd order within a week and 94% will make three orders in one month.


The data also revealed that: 

  • Customers who reach three orders are highly likely to continue ordering from the same restaurant, i.e. picking the same restaurant for lunch during the week, or a preferred Friday take-out location.
  • Customers are almost three times more likely to reach three orders if they create an account and two times more likely if they download the restaurant’s own app.


CRM Benefits 

To support their hundreds of Partners across the UK who include Ottolenghi, Eataly, Crosstown, Red Dog Saloon and Island Poké, the Slerp CRM, supported by AI, will seamlessly connect with the restaurants and Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) direct online ordering system, also provided by Slerp.

Slerp CRM will help their partners to firstly organise and make better use of their own data so they can see everything from what customer’s purchase and when they order, through to when their birthday is, driving better personalisation. Whilst the introduction of direct ordering tools such as apps and digital loyalty programmes will also help partners to grow their own databases and glean even more knowledge on their loyal customers preferences. 

Slerp CRM empowers businesses with features including email marketing, boasting 12% month-over-month growth, and SMS marketing with a remarkable 98% open rate. Additionally, the system allows for the automation of communications, incentivises sign-ups, and seamlessly integrates with all order types, creating a centralised hub for both data organisation and its usage. 

Using AI functionality, Slerp is also able to suggest and share recommended marketing content with Partners that combine their own customer data with topics including seasonal or calendar events, the restaurant’s own peak purchase times and even the local weather, to encourage customer orders. Through enabling businesses to drive more repeat transactions and reach the magic number of three orders and beyond, Slerp is supporting Partners in creating more personal connections with customers while streamlining operations through automation.

Catering specifically to the hospitality industry, this approach also fosters a more personal connection with customers while streamlining operations through automation.


 “We’ve crunched our data and found a great insight into what makes a loyal customer. Three orders is the magic number all operators should be aiming for from a customer. We’ve since doubled down on helping all venues by investing into a CRM solution that directly links up to our ordering solution and loyalty functionality. It’s a game-changing proposition for the sector where fragmented technology is so common. We’re really happy with the initial results and think it can make a meaningful difference to our Partners, but most importantly to their customers.”

JP Then, Founder of Slerp

Slerp is an online ordering platform designed specifically for the hospitality industry.
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