Norman’s to your door

Sarah Jackson
November 29, 2023

Norman’s Café, which has built a cult-like following amongst in-the-know Londoners, thanks to its no-fuss British menu, has launched its first ever direct online ordering and delivery service, alongside a click-and-collect option. In addition, the Tufnell Park café will, for the first time, open up the option of pre-order booking. This brand new offering from the already iconic dining destination is being made possible thanks to a partnership with Slerp, who offer award-winning technology solutions for restaurants and the hospitality sector. 

Co-owned by Elliot Kaye and Richie Hayes, Norman’s serves iconic fry-ups and a variety of nostalgic dishes based on iconic and unfussy ingredients. Their new online menu is a nod to the hot sandwich menu with which they opened and includes a selection of breakfast and lunchtime sandwich options, with suppliers including Broadway Market’s Hill & Szrok butchers. 

Norman’s, which has close to 100k followers on Instagram, has become a beacon for London’s trendsetters looking for an affordable meal. The café has gained such popularity that even luxury brand Burberry hosted a pop-up there for London Fashion Week last September. 

But its success has also attracted long queues and increasing demand. To address this, Norman’s has partnered with Slerp, an award-winning technology solutions provider for the hospitality sector, meaning customers can now order home delivery directly from Norman’s. In addition, new pre-order and click-and-collect options means lunchtime queues can be bypassed entirely. However, and perhaps of most importance to their fans, Norman’s will retain full creative control of their own digital customer experience, retaining the brand feel that has proved so popular, with Slerp providing technology solutions and managing the delivery operations. 

JP Then, Founder at Slerp said: “Norman’s has captured London’s appetite for the simple life  in a way that few other venues in London have achieved. Our own admiration has been long standing and so it is great to be their chosen technology partner as we help them to expand online and into delivery. We aim to take the unique charm cultivated within their cafe walls and, working closely alongside them, ensure that it not only thrives in the digital age but also elevates the customer experience at Norman’s to new heights.”

Norman’s Café will initially launch with online delivery from Wednesday to Friday. To order now, visit

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