Chicken Cottage Case Study

How To Achieve 20,000 App Downloads For Online Ordering

Meet Chicken Cottage


Founded in 1994 in London, UK Chicken Cottage is home to the worlds most flavoursome grilled and fried chicken and succulent sides.

Since opening over 30 years ago our customers crave our fried and grilled halal chicken. Our unique fried chicken is a fusion of east meets west, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Our grilled chicken is marinated for 8 hours and flame grilled, served with a flavour of your choice.




Chicken Cottage, a popular fast-food chain, sought to enhance customer engagement and loyalty in a competitive market. They faced several challenges:


  • Limited Customer Engagement: Traditional marketing methods were insufficient in maintaining high levels of customer engagement.
  • Inefficient Loyalty Programs: Existing loyalty programs were not effectively driving repeat purchases.
  • Marketing Database Growth: Expanding their marketing database to reach more potential customers was a slow and challenging process.




To address these challenges, Chicken Cottage partnered with Slerp to launch a branded mobile app, incorporating several key features:


  • Branded App with Push Notifications: The app ensured Chicken Cottage’s presence on customers’ homescreens, utilising push notifications as a powerful and cost-effective marketing tool.
  • Enhanced Loyalty Programs: Slerp’s loyalty features within the app encouraged repeat purchases and customer retention.
  • Integrated CRM: The app seamlessly integrated with Chicken Cottage’s CRM system, streamlining customer data management and marketing efforts.
  • Click & Collect and Delivery Options: Customers could easily place orders for delivery or pick-up, enhancing convenience and satisfaction.




The implementation of Slerp’s branded app brought substantial improvements to Chicken Cottage’s customer engagement and business metrics. Key achievements included:


  • Increased Customer Engagement and Loyalty: The app’s presence on customer homescreens and push notifications significantly boosted engagement and loyalty.
  • Growth in Marketing Database: Chicken Cottage saw a 52% increase in contacts in their marketing database within six months, expanding their reach and marketing potential.
  • Higher Order Counts: There was a 66% year-on-year increase in order counts, demonstrating the app’s effectiveness in driving sales.
  • Frequent Customer Orders: On average, each customer placed orders 1.6 times per month, highlighting increased repeat business.
  • App Adoption: The app achieved 20,000 downloads, indicating strong customer interest and adoption.




Ria Dhamija, Marketing Manager at Chicken Cottage, highlights the significant impact of their branded app with Slerp:


“Since launching our branded app with Slerp, our customer engagement and loyalty have skyrocketed! Being on our customers’ homescreens with push notifications is an incredibly powerful and free marketing tool.”


Chicken Cottage’s successful launch of their branded app with Slerp underscores the importance of leveraging advanced digital solutions to enhance customer engagement, drive sales, and foster loyalty in a competitive market.

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