Kaani Kaana Case Study

Kaani Kaana Achieves 10x Sales Growth and Enhanced Customer Engagement with Slerp

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Kaani Kaana elevates Bangladeshi and Indian cuisine with a commitment to restaurant-quality food that truly lives up to its promise. We focus on delivering an exceptional dining experience from start to finish, addressing the unprecedented demand for premium Bangladeshi and Indian dishes. Our meals come dressed in upmarket packaging, ensuring a superior experience right to your home.

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Kaani Kaana, crowned as the nation’s top Asian takeaway destination, sought to elevate their customer service and streamline operations in a rapidly growing market. They faced several challenges:


  • Scalable Order Management: Handling an increasing number of orders efficiently was becoming difficult with their existing system.
  • Customer Data Control: Gaining better control over customer data to drive targeted marketing and loyalty programs was essential.
  • Sustainability Goals: Aligning their delivery operations with sustainability goals, particularly focusing on reducing carbon emissions.




To tackle these challenges, Kaani Kaana partnered with Slerp to implement a comprehensive online ordering platform and a robust loyalty scheme. Key features included:


  • Efficient Online Ordering System: Slerp’s platform streamlined order management, enabling Kaani Kaana to handle increased order volumes effectively.
  • Enhanced Customer Data Control: The platform provided greater control over customer data, empowering targeted marketing and loyalty initiatives.
  • Sustainable Delivery Options: Integration of zero-emission vehicles for deliveries helped Kaani Kaana align with their sustainability goals.




The collaboration with Slerp led to transformative improvements in Kaani Kaana’s business operations and performance. Key achievements included:


  • Tenfold Sales Growth: Kaani Kaana experienced a 10x increase in sales within a year, demonstrating the effectiveness of Slerp’s online ordering platform.
  • Rapid Customer Database Expansion: The customer database grew significantly, with 1,000 marketing opt-ins achieved within just 10 days.
  • Sustainable Delivery Achievements: 50% of Kaani Kaana’s deliveries were conducted using zero-emission vehicles, aligning with their commitment to sustainability.




Sharwar Ahmed, Founder at Kaani Kaana, highlights the significant impact of partnering with Slerp:

“Thanks to Slerp’s online ordering platform and robust loyalty scheme, we’ve empowered our growth by gaining greater control over our data.”


Kaani Kaana’s successful partnership with Slerp underscores the importance of leveraging advanced digital solutions to achieve significant sales growth, enhance customer engagement, and meet sustainability goals in a competitive market.

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