Karma Cans Case Study

How Karma Cans Won by Automating Order Management with Slerp's Composer

The Story of Karma Cans


Sisters Gini and Eccie turned a humble basement kitchen, five pounds and a single customer into Karma Cans

Now delivering over 1000 meals daily across the city, we are one of London’s leading corporate and event caters. Gini and Eccie have built this business from the ground up, creating a food service and a community around the table.




Karma Cans, known for their premium catering services, faced significant challenges as their business expanded. The primary issues included:


  • Manual Errors in Orders: Handling a growing number of catering orders manually led to frequent errors in order details and delivery logistics.


  • Inefficient Order Management: Manually updating order volumes and details consumed a substantial amount of time, hindering operational efficiency.


  • Customer Onboarding and Self-Service: The existing system lacked a streamlined process for client onboarding and self-service, which was crucial for scaling the business.




To tackle these challenges, Karma Cans adopted Slerp, a sophisticated online ordering and delivery management platform. The decision was influenced by several key features and benefits offered by Slerp:


  • Order Planning and Packaging Slips: Slerp’s automated planning and packaging slips tied to ordering streamlined the entire process, significantly reducing the scope for manual errors.
  • Enhanced Client Onboarding and Self-Service: The platform facilitated a better onboarding experience for clients and enabled a seamless self-service option, allowing the Karma Cans team to concentrate on scaling their operations.
  • Customised Rate Cards and Delivery Radiuses: Slerp’s ability to offer tailored rate cards and delivery radiuses for corporate orders provided flexibility and enhanced service delivery.
  • Integrating Slerp Composer:  Further improving operational efficiency by automating the creation of production schedules, packing slips, and delivery exports for all orders.




The implementation of Slerp brought about transformative improvements for Karma Cans, optimising their catering operations and boosting efficiency. Key achievements included:


  • Elimination of Manual Errors: Slerp’s automated systems completely eradicated manual errors in catering orders, ensuring precision in order fulfilment.


  • Zero Refund Rate: The flawless execution of orders resulted in a zero refund rate, indicating a perfect record of production and delivery.


  • Significant Time Savings: By automating the updating of order volumes and details with Composer, Karma Cans saved over 30 hours each month, allowing the team to focus on strategic business activities.




Eccie Newton, Co-founder of Karma Cans and Karma Kitchen, emphasises the significant impact of Slerp on their business:

“We needed a platform that could really handle our catering needs as we grew, and Slerp has been amazing. The planning and packaging slips tied to ordering have been a game changer, as well as pushing clients to a better onboarding & self-serve experience — letting us focus on scaling up.”



Karma Cans’ successful integration of Slerp underscores the importance of leveraging advanced platforms to overcome operational challenges and drive business growth.

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