The way in which we buy and sell goods has been getting continuously quicker and easier as technology advances. And whilst five years ago adding your card details at the checkout was quick enough, fast-forward a few years and we wanted to use Apple and Google Pay to be even quicker. Technology moves fast, and today we need to consider that even those  extra steps to open your phone wallet could be seen as time consuming, and a potential barrier to ordering. Speed, ease and convenience is key when it comes to customers making a purchase.

The ability to order ahead on an ordering app reduces your queues and makes your customers ordering process quick and seamless. Add our feature PressPay into the mix and customers can order their favourite coffee for collection on their phones in as little as six seconds.


So what is PressPay?


Launched last year, PressPay is an award winning feature of our ordering apps, allowing for quick action payments.

By pressing and holding the app on their home screen, customers have the ability to repeat their previous order. They are then taken directly to the checkout page where they can pay, reducing the entire ordering process to a few seconds.


Perfect for coffee shops


You often hear people saying they can’t function until their morning coffee, well with PressPay, you hardly have to!

Coffee purchasing is habitual, and often driven by convenience. The majority of customers have a favourite that they like to order time and time again, which makes PressPay the perfect feature for the exhausted parent, busy commuter and the socially anxious. With PressPay you can make an order on-the-go, quickly and efficiently and pick it up on your way through with very little interaction.

Now we’re not saying that this is always what customers want, there will always be a time for a relaxed sit down visit. But there are certainly benefits that PressPay can bring to your business.


So why PressPay?


1. It drives repeat business

It’s no secret that it’s a lot cheaper to retain a customer than it is to acquire a new one, but that doesn’t make it an easy task. Driving loyalty is well worth it though with repeat customers spending an average of 67% more than new customers. This is likely why we have seen a push in loyalty schemes over the past year with big brands like Pizza Express launching their own programmes to bring consumers back.

We know the consumer today wants convenience, so the ease of features like PressPay are perfect for driving repeat business. Not just because of the nature of the ‘repeat order’ function, but because ordering from a business with the feature is easier and quicker than anywhere else.


2. It’s digitally savvy

Tech is constantly changing and so are our purchasing habits. Features like Apple Pay now mean that many people don’t even carry a physical card on them anymore. Gen Z have grown up with mobiles and are consistently open and accepting of new tech.

PressPay very much fits in with this evolution and presents yet another more efficient method of buying. Operators using this feature can show their customers that they are forward thinking and appeal to tech savvy generations better.


3. It goes hand in hand with click and collect

Coming back to how well PressPay partners with coffee shops, it naturally also pairs well with click and collect. This is unsurprising as a key benefit of click and collect is shortening the ordering process. No more long unpredictable queues or trying to decide what you want last minute. Customers can do all of that before entering a physical store and collect upon arrival.

PressPay simply takes this to the next level, you’re already skipping the queue, now you can skip the other aspects of ordering too.

So in short, PressPay is a stand out, fun feature that streamlines ordering for customers and takes app ordering to the next level. It’s not just for the coffee shops of the world, but it’s certainly a feature that could be just your cup of….coffee.

The speciality roastery, Allpress will offer ordering and loyalty via web and app, making use of Slerp’s Award-winning PressPay technology.

We are excited to announce that we have joined forces with the speciality coffee roastery Allpress Espresso to offer an innovative new ordering offering directly through their app, together with a new loyalty programme for customers.

The partnership means that Allpress will be utilising Slerp’s revolutionary technology whilst Allpress will retain full control of their own customer experience. This includes Slerp’s new and award-winning PressPay app function that won the Restaurant Marketer & Innovator Award for Best Technology earlier this year.


“We want to keep that local feeling, but also offer customers the benefits that come with larger chains, like loyalty programmes and having both this and click-and-collect in one app, that we fully own, means we can offer even more benefits to our customers.”




For those ordering via the app, Slerp’s unique PressPay option allows customers to repeat order their favourite coffee directly from their phone’s home screen without needing to even open the Allpress app. A ‘long press’ on the app icon immediately enables a customer to reorder their preferred coffee followed by a quick action payment. Alongside the new ordering technology, Allpress will also be rolling out a new digital loyalty programme, powered by Slerp, to reward regular customers to their London roastery’s.

Allpress, in addition to its three East London locations, also has cafes across Australia, Singapore, Japan and in New Zealand – where they were founded over 30 years ago from a single Allpress Espresso Cart. Today their coffee is also available in over 1,200 independent cafes globally.


Ollie Simon, UK Communities Manager for Allpress said: “One of our company values is that human connection is at the heart of what we do. In today’s increasingly digital world keeping that human touch with our valued customers is ever important, and Slerp is the hospitality technology company on the market who can help us to facilitate that connection.”

“We want to keep that local feeling, but also offer customers the benefits that come with larger chains, like loyalty programmes and having both this and click-and-collect in one app, that we fully own, means we can offer even more benefits to our customers.”


Customers can repeat their last order by pressing and holding down the Allpress app


JP Then, Founder of Slerp said: “It is great to have Allpress Espresso on board and to be able to support them in creating brilliant customer experiences through technology, whilst still keeping that independent roastery flavour which is so important to the brand.

“PressPay is the perfect technology for Allpress to introduce to their customers – buying coffee is habitual and customers tend to have the same regular order, so just repeating that order with one touch is a speedy and easy way to get your daily caffeine fix.”

With the unpredictability of the market over the last two years, the chances are that your eatery has already tapped into a food delivery market that was already steadily on the up each year well before the pandemic.

However, with Slerp you can take it to the next level and launch a dedicated food ordering app for your brand. So here’s why you should consider having your own app.


1. It makes the online ordering process quicker, easier and smoother 


Your takeaway or restaurant might have arrangements already in place for online food ordering, but is it user friendly or ‘good looking’ from the customer’s perspective.

A dedicated food delivery app for the customer’s phone is just that. It will save the customer who wants to repeatedly order from you the hassle of fiddling around with a main website that may not even be optimised to display well on their phone.


2. It helps build brand familiarity and loyalty 


Own a spot on your customers phone. We aren’t just referring to the fact that the customer has downloaded your brand’s online ordering app. They will be reminded of your restaurant or takeaway every time they look at their screen.

Your own app will also give you the scope to directly incorporate a loyalty programme. Customers could quickly accumulate stamps or points that would give them perks later on and be available at just a touch.

Own a spot on your customers phone and remind them of your business every time they look at your screen


3. It can include a variety of online ordering methods 


If you’re going to invest in an online ordering app you want it to incorporate any and all ordering options. By that, we mean not just traditional ordering for delivery to the customer’s home, but also the ability to ‘click and collect’ or ‘order at table’. Which will mean customers further associate your hospitality firm with the utmost convenience.


4. It eliminates or minimises the likelihood of order errors 


If your business is still depending on manual orders – such as over the phone – you have even more reason to invest in an ordering app.

The fact is, human errors happen. Whatever the cause of the mistake, it is always best to avoid anger or disappointment with your customer. A dedicated food ordering app will formalise the ordering process and reduce errors.


5. It can help streamline your running costs 


At Slerp, we work with you to create your very own app. We will take care of maintenance and updates, leaving you to do what you do best! You simply need to add your restaurant’s branding and images.

Your team will no longer have to spend time or energy taking orders over the phone. They can turn their attention to your customers, maximising their experience, or spend their spare minutes on other important aspects of your restaurant or eatery.

Many of us may associate the rise of online ordering with the pandemic, but the reality is that it simply accelerated something that was already happening. This makes a smart-looking, feature-packed and easy-to-use ordering app one of the best investments your hospitality firm could make for the future.

Connect with Slerp today and we can help you to realise the full potential of 21st century online ordering for your restaurant or takeaway in 2022.

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