Get more from your online orders 

BACK It’s not exactly news that restaurants can be extremely busy places to work in. Your waiters, chefs and other team members are part of a well oiled machine. But, with staff shortages and rising costs, navigating the industry successfully calls for flexibility and innovation. Not only this but consumer preferences and demands are constantly […]

5 things to consider when launching a Dark Kitchen

BACK Dark kitchens, ghost kitchens, cloud kitchens… they all sound a bit odd to be honest. But although they’ve been around for a while, since the pandemic these delivery only kitchens are on the rise.  So what exactly are they? Imagine a restaurant with no front of house, seating space or waiters. They are designed […]

Are QR codes still relevant post-pandemic?

BACK QR codes are not a particularly new concept, they’ve been around for a while. But there’s no doubt that the last couple of years has seen a big uptake of them. Particularly in Hospitality. At some point we just got used to seeing a square barcode on the table, ready to scan instead of […]

Why D2C is changing the game in hospitality

BACK D2C (Direct to Consumer) is not a particularly new concept in the world of E Commerce. But in hospitality, it still feels like people don’t know a lot about it. So what is it exactly? Essentially it’s a B2C strategy where a business will make, promote, sell and ship a product directly to the […]

How to choose the best online ordering system for your restaurant 

BACK We understand that choosing the right online ordering system for your business is not only an important decision but a difficult one too! It can be hard to see through some of the sales chat and identify the really important aspects. The fact is though, if you’re not yet offering online ordering, you should […]

3 reasons why you need digital loyalty

BACK We could sit here and compare ourselves to third party ordering platforms all day but we’d rather focus on why Slerp is a great partner when it comes to your online business. We could tell you all about the financial savings of direct ordering compared to a market place (but you already know that). […]

Calorie Labelling – the good, the bad and the legislation

BACK Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on whatsapp Last month, the Government brought in new legislation on calorie labelling for restaurants, takeaways and other hospitality venues. Any establishment in England (with more than 250 employees) must now provide the following information on both their online and offline menus: Calorie content […]

Self-delivery vs managed delivery; what’s right for you?

BACK Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on whatsapp You don’t need us to tell you about the boom of food delivery. We’ve become so used to ordering from restaurants, takeaways and other hospitality businesses. We order our food to be delivered straight to our doors and expect it quickly and […]