5 marketing ideas for your pizza takeaway restaurant

BACK Who doesn’t love to make a social occasion out of helping themselves to a slice – or seven – of their favourite pizza? There’s no question that pizza takeaway restaurants up and down the UK continue to be a big ‘hit’ among customers, whether those customers dine in or order with their relatives, friends […]

How a D2C ordering system can save you time and money

BACK If you run a business operating in the hospitality sector, you might feel that you are very much in survival mode right now, and that you lack the time or energy to look into new avenues for your business, such as a direct-to-customer (D2C) solution.  But could such a stance be a false economy? […]

Are you world cup ready?

BACK The last World Cup in 2018 saw a serious boost to the UK economy, something we could really do with right now! You’d probably assume this would be largely from visits to pubs and let’s be honest, beer. But you’d be wrong! In 2018, 83% of people actually watched the game at home. Whilst […]

Now is the time to launch D2C

BACK We’re not about to stress you out with talk of ‘uncertain times’. We hear enough of that in the news. It’s completely understandable for hospitality businesses to be nervous right now, but at Slerp rather than thinking about uncertainties, we like to control the controllables. And one of those “controllables” could be the development […]

An online ordering system that fits with your values

BACK One of our favourite things about our industry (beside the food obviously) has got to be the people. The UK hospitality scene is full of people from all over the world! And despite many challenges over the past few years with Brexit and Covid, hospitality has shown resilience and determination. Above all else, hospitality […]

How to make the till jingle this Christmas

BACK It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And just like that summer is over and we’re onto Christmas prep. To some it may feel early but for those of us in the Hospitality industry, menu and promotion planning probably began a while ago, so let’s talk Christmas! By now you’re familiar with us […]

Grow your local business with click and collect

BACK There are many great methods you can use to help grow your local hospitality business. But one of the most powerful things that you can do is make life easier, quicker, and more intuitive for your team members and customers alike. This brings us neatly onto the subject of how embracing a ‘click and […]

4 reasons you need Instagram shopping

BACK Take advantage of your customers’ cravings! Instagram shopping is the ultimate shortcut in the consumer decision process and the latest trend in Social Commerce, making life easier for both the consumer and your business. So what exactly is it? Instagram shopping is a feature that allows brands to create an online catalogue of their […]

3 reasons our new delivery fees will deliver the difference

BACK We know all about the challenges with delivery fees. There’s no two ways about it, delivery can be really expensive! Customers have been conditioned by marketplaces to believe that delivery fees should be below £3.99, which just isn’t reflective of how much it actually costs. The fact is customers have little to no clue […]

How to make your online orders sizzle this summer

BACK Summer is finally here and apparently kick started with a record breaking heatwave! But as we well know, warmer weather can cause a noticeable change in consumer buying habits. So how can we in the hospitality industry adapt to meet a different set of demands? Well one thing’s for sure, demand is definitely still […]